Hello and welcome


I always have a mental plan. A 5 year and even a 10 year plan. But the more things changed the more I started ignoring those plans and I only started planning and dreaming again very recently. I want to be a lot of things. I want to be healthy and fit. I want to be a traveller. I want to be successful in academia.

But wanting things is just not enough. Planning things is just not enough. There is a lot of actions and a lot of doing required. And that is where this blog joins in.

This is not my first rodeo. I have had several blogs since my teenage years and I have regularly maintained a Tumblr blog for a few years now. So why this one and why one? Because Tumblr is just not enough anymore. I need a space where I can write, where I can plan and share my ideas and where I can interact with like minded individuals. Of course I could do that on Tumblr but that is just too messy, too clumsy and too full of clutter. Let’s leave it for the fitness and cute animals, shall we?

So what to expect from this? Mainly posts about my life, how I’m keeping myself organised and balancing a full time job and a full time masters degree. The main focus will be minimalism and it ties in with all of this, so a few posts related to wellness and lifestyle will definitely make an appearance.

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