Living more with less

Like I have mentioned previously I recently did a major overhaul of my closet. In fact I got rid of so many clothes one of my pieces of furniture was deemed totally useless. I sold a chest of drawers and also a coffee table that never got used.

These might seem like small jobs but if you think about it it all adds up. I now spend less time cleaning surfaces and doing laundry and more time reading, relaxing and doing things I actually love. My living areas are more open and enjoyable, which is very relaxing and peaceful.

The fact that I sold that chest of drawers had this effect in my bedroom:

Even though a window was lost in the process (one that was never used anyway) I think the room is so much brighter and lighter. There is also a much better separation of the sleeping area and the desk area, which is ideal considering the circumstances. The end goal is not having any technology in the bedroom whatsoever – maybe in my next flat!

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