Bibliophile on a budget

If there is something where I am not a minimalist is with books. I dream of a living room with a whole wall just filled with books from end to end. For me minimalism is creating the opportunities to do what I enjoy and that means I have more money, time and space to buy books and read. That doesn’t mean I don’t look for bargains though!


This whole pile cost a grand total of £20. The Harry Potter book (which I finished last night and will review soon) was bought with a gift card and all the other books where bought at a “low cost” bookstore, where basically every 2 books cost £5. Obviously the selection is not as good as with a normal bookstore but you can still find some gems, particularly if you are looking for classics.

Other great places to find books are charity shops (a couple of weeks ago I found Sting Larsson’s A Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for 99p!), flea markets or just online on second hand bookstores or even places like Book Depository or sometimes Amazon. Also if you just want to read the book and not have a hard copy e-books are always the best option!

Now, let’s get reading





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