Road to Debt Free

It has been a couple of months since I last posted here and a few things have happened – I started a new (permanent) job and also a Masters degree.

Things have been hectic, to say the least, and I have been having a hard time remaining true to myself and finding time to focus on what I want in the long term.

Why am I doing a Masters? Am I in the right career? The right sector? What are my priorities? All of these questions have been going through my mind and causing my anxiety to reach the highest of levels.

Yesterday me and my partner finally sat down and talked. And we talked and talked and then planned and then took a deep breathe and realised that now we know. We know where we are, what we want and how to get there.

We realised how reckless we have been with money and how stupid that is. We both have stable jobs and a good enough income to allow us to have a fair amount of disposable income. And what have we been spending it on? Takeaways, eating out and weed. How stupid is that?

We are now starting a journey to become debt free and to save for a deposit for our own home. Not a home that will drown us in debt or make us live for it, but a place that we can afford and can also become a source of income if we ever decide to relocate.

The goal is 2019 and the plan is set. Now it’s time to do it!

Would anyone be interested in knowing more about the details of it and what approach we are taking?

3 thoughts on “Road to Debt Free

  1. webbermd says:

    My wife and I created a “plan” twenty-three years ago over coffee. We now have coffee together the mornings of my days off or once a month when we hire a kid sitter and re-evaluate the plan, make an addendum when necessary, and encourage each other.
    Thanks for checking out our blog. Looking forward to reading about your plan.


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