Friday Night Budgeting

I just spent my Friday night creating a spreadsheet for our holidays for 2017. We have 7 international holidays planned and a few camping/hiking trips within the UK here and there.

Every single penny we will earn in 2017 is accounted for. This includes paying off debt, bills, travelling and saving for a home. Does it leave us with much after all of this? Not really. We give ourselves a personal allowance of 10% of our income each month and that is it. That has to cover clothes or eating out or anything not budgeted for like books or games or weekend trips.

I am not in no way complaining. I absolutely love my life and feel incredibly grateful for all the opportunities I have. (I will forever complain about the people that attribute any of this to luck though).

But this is just to show you that it can be done. It takes sacrifices and some sacrifices that most people don’t really understand, but that is okay. I have a minimalist wardrobe and I don’t like clubbing. I have a second hand book obsession and that fits well within my “personal allowance”. Some people love shopping and that is okay too.

The real point here is: find out what it is you want to do to enjoy your life more. Travelling is my thing. Is yours going to concerts? Climbing mountains? It doesn’t matter. What it matters is the effort you put into it, day in and day out. And that can mean physical fitness or saying no to a sale at Zara. What matters is that you are working towards a goal and once you get there you will look back and say “YES, I DID THIS!” – and that feeling, that -umph right there, beats waiting for luck to knock on your door.

PS: before you call me privileged for having travel as a goal or whatever: my example is about travel, yes, but the thought behind it is free. I know travel is a very privileged activity and trust me, I count my blessings every day. Passion and hard work though… You don’t need money for those. Trust me, I would know.


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