100 days of mindfulness

Why am I a minimalist? Sometimes, when I look at my budget spreadsheets and think about all of the times I have to say “no”, I ask myself this question.

The answer has not always been easy or simple. I have never been a hoarder or too attached to stuff, so I always knew I wanted to have less stuff. But why? Not just because I needed the closet space, but because I needed time and money. I needed more time to spend investing in myself instead of looking after my stuff. And I needed money to invest in my passions instead of stuff.

If we simplify it – I am a minimalist because I want more. I want more out of life, more out of my time and more out of my money. 

I have recently learned that can be described as mindfulness. The awareness of the present and every moment, appreciating them even more. 

Knowing me I know I love the idea in theory but practice is harder. I need a goal to motivate me. And then I remembered the #100happydays tag from Instagram. Is that still a thing? Anyway, 100 days sounded like a good number.

So here I am. Day 0. 

I challenge myself to be more mindful during my daily life and to write daily about my days, thoughts and challenges. 

I challenge you too, if you’re so inclined.

See you on the flip side. 

2 thoughts on “100 days of mindfulness

  1. fensterbester says:

    Keen to see how you progress!
    I read your comment about deleting FB on another site. Good for you! I did it for a few months and its easier than you think (FOMO aside). It was totally worth it.


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