This has not been the easiest of weeks. I’m approaching my last days at my current job and even though it was my choice to leave it still feels bittersweet. After all it is an ending and endings always bring up all sorts of feelings. They open up the doors to a new start, yes, but some reflection must always happen.

It’s been a few days since I deactivated my Facebook and so far I have not missed it. I also didn’t get asked by a single person if I had deleted it, which makes me question the purpose of that online presence altogether. Is everyone just displaying themselves and not even bothering to look at what their “friends” are sharing? And of course that also makes me question this online presence. I could as easily do this in a normal private journal. If I’m not benefiting myself or anyone else is it really worth carrying on?

My scientific mind tells me I need to carry on. I set out to complete an experiment and I will complete it. But what happens when one of the results of the experiment is to question it’s whole purpose?

10 thoughts on “7/100

  1. fensterbester says:

    Very valid hypothesis! My thesis supervisor told me that even if your project does not work, you have proved one method of not doing something – which is very valuable to the scientific community.

    Also, would your private journal give you sass if you missed an entry?

    If you make a difference to one person, that means something. So keep going.

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  2. Mindfump says:

    I agree totally with the facebook comments, I do believe an outwardly inward facing world. Purpose is such a human word. Doing something only if there is a ‘purpose’ seems absurd to me. Do things because you can. The only species in this galaxy’s history to be able to. OK it’s all getting a bit fantastical, but you get my idea. Great post!


  3. Sydney Kate says:

    It takes major strength to cut off social media completely. GOOD FOR YOU! 😀 I wish I could. Even as a fairly advanced minimalist, I struggle with this from time to time. And best of luck with what comes next for you! ❤

    Follow my NEW blog gypsyminimalist.com or follow me on instagram @gypsyminimalist! Thanks 🙂 ~Sydney Kate | Gypsy Minimalist


    • thegreentraveller says:

      I still have some forms of social media, but Facebook was definitely the most toxic one and the one that never brought me joy. I love Instagram for example as I mostly follow food and travel accounts which inspire me and bring me a lot of ideas. It’s all about finding what works for you ❤


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