Today was pretty much a screen-less day. It was my first day of no job (I only start my new job next Monday) and even though I had a lot of Masters work to do I decided a day for myself was way more necessary.

I actually slept and woke up without an alarm. Went to the gym with a friend and then went to grab lunch. And we just talked. Ate and talked. No taking photos of our food, no checking our phones every 5 minutes. Just phones in our bags and enjoying our meal and our time together. We then went to buy some things we needed from a cosmetics store and spent some time browsing and trying on products, instead of the usual mindlessness of scrolling through Amazon and just picking the product with the highest review score.

Got home, put some laundry on, tidied a bit and made myself a cup of coffee. And then, like a madwoman, I just sat down and drank it. In almost one year of living in this flat I think this was the first time where I just sat down on my sofa and drank some coffee while looking out of the window. And now I wonder why it took me so long in the first place.

Now I’m about to go grocery shopping. Actually physically going to a store and picking my own stuff, not just ordering the same thing I ordered last time from the online version of the store. I used to have such a passion for cooking, but ever since I moved to the UK that the comfort of everything being so convenient and easily ordered online has slowly killed that passion. Well, no more! I have a shopping list (on an actual piece of paper!), a meal plan and some new recipes to try!

This has been good. Even though it’s only my 9th post it has been almost a month since I started this experiment. I may not post every single day, but I do try to practice mindfulness and be more aware every day. And it’s working. I can see results and I can feel myself changing the way I make decisions. I wonder how will I feel by the end of 100 days!

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