I always have a mental plan. A 5 year and even a 10 year plan. But the more things changed the more I started ignoring those plans and I only started planning and dreaming again very recently.

My ultimate goal is to be carefree. I know this sounds very vague but it makes sense, I promise.

I want to reach a point in my life where I wont have to worry about where the next paycheck will come from, where I wont have to worry about food and where I wont care about what other people think about me and my body. This is a massive journey that crosses several areas of my life: my career, fitness, body image and mental health.

This goal is linked to many other goals: I want to be successful at my job. I want to have a PhD. I want to be happy. I want to be healthy. I want my own family. I want to travel the world. There are so many versions of me out there and I just want to find a good balance between all of them.

For the last year my focus was my career and personal relationships. That led to weight gain and deterioration of my health. As I approach a more stable point in my life (about to start a permanent job) I can start working on balance again.

So I tackled the what, now it comes the why? Why are these things important to me? Growing up I always associated success with money. I studied and studied in the hopes to be the best. Because that would come with a guarantee of success. Sadly, it didn’t. I was hit in the face with the harsh reality that success is mountain, not just a one way road. In the last year my definition of success has changed significantly. That’s why I chose to work for the charity sector. It means less money, no doubt. But it also means I will go into work everyday feeling good about myself and knowing that I am making a difference.

That is my biggest “why”: I want to make a difference. I want to raise healthy and balanced children. I want to do meaningful research. I want to have a positive impact in every life I touch. Including my own.