Woke up at 6 am and went to the new gym. Didn't get a super intense workout in, but I was still a bit sore so it was a good way to warm my muscles. Started my new job today and met a million new people. Or at least it felt like it! Didn't get … Continue reading 11/100


Worked a lot. Logged off the Facebook app for the whole day and actually noticed how often I went to reach for my phone for it. How did I let myself get so hooked in?  Had lunch in the kitchen, not on my desk. Actually talked with my colleagues instead of looking at another screen. … Continue reading 2/100


Day 1 of my 100 days of mindfulness started with a bang. I woke up with a stomach bug and had to call in sick for work. My stomach cramps were so bad I had to stay in bed all morning. There went my morning run and yoga/meditation sesh.  Food actually presented itself as the … Continue reading 1/100