Woke up at 6 am and went to the new gym. Didn't get a super intense workout in, but I was still a bit sore so it was a good way to warm my muscles. Started my new job today and met a million new people. Or at least it felt like it! Didn't get … Continue reading 11/100


These days between job have been pretty much devoted to the great art of dolce fare niente. I joined a gym, half way between my house and my new job, did some of the boring things you don't usually have time to do and slept. Slept a lot. Yesterday I also met my old work … Continue reading 10/100


Today was pretty much a screen-less day. It was my first day of no job (I only start my new job next Monday) and even though I had a lot of Masters work to do I decided a day for myself was way more necessary. I actually slept and woke up without an alarm. Went … Continue reading 9/100


Today was bittersweet. Final day at my job and even though I chose to leave to chase a new challenge I can't help but to be sad. You can fit a lot of life in just 6 months. I have met some incredible people, learned so much and expanded my mind so much in the … Continue reading 8/100


This has not been the easiest of weeks. I'm approaching my last days at my current job and even though it was my choice to leave it still feels bittersweet. After all it is an ending and endings always bring up all sorts of feelings. They open up the doors to a new start, yes, … Continue reading 7/100


I missed a couple of posting days and started thinking about stopping this challenge all together. But then started thinking about how silly that is. There are very few things in this life that are linear and every journey has its ups and downs. In this case I forgot posting because I was too busy … Continue reading 5/100